Evostyle N.G.

Evostyle N.G.


AC X-Ray Unit

9001M: Murale / Wall Mounted

9001S: Stativo/ Mobile

Why choose Evostyle N.G.?

  • Safe and easy to install. Simple control panel with LED buttonsand intuitive graphics. Two versions, the same utility: wall mounted (code 9001M) and mobile (code 9001S). 
  • Exposure parameters adjustment. Manual setting available, to increase or decrease the exposure parameters value according to your needs. You can modify the preprogrammed exposure parameters to match the specifications of your image receptor (film, intraoral sensor or phosphor plate), the type of tooth (incisor, premolar, molar) or the patient morphology (adult or child).
  • Quality of details. Low dose setting for digital receptors. Automatic setting of exposure time. High heat capacity by combining an electric potential of 70 kVp and anodic current of 8 mA. Wide range of exposure times from 40ms to 2S.
  • Easy to install and to operate. The Evostyle N.G. is the simplest and easy to operate x-ray dental unit produced by New Life Radiology S.r.l. to deliver high image quality. Solid arm to reduce any risk of tube head vibration during the image acquisition. Three lengths arm, 40 cm, 80 cm, 110 cm. Hand switch with 3 m coiled cord.