Wireless DC X-Ray Unit

8000M: Murale / Wall Mounted

8000S: Stativo / Mobile

Why choose Best-X-DC

The radiographic BEST-X-DC is the result of long experience of the New Life Radiology. Take advantage of the most modern technique applied to dental radiology. Lightweight and compact, all functions are integrated into the engine block. Its light weight (3,5 kg) allows to operate the arm with ease. The monobloc constant potential significantly reduces the dose to the normal radiographic findings. Are almost completely eliminated harmful radiation at low energy, obtaining images of high definition, in either traditional, digital and phosphor system, safeguarding the health of the patient. Using an exclusive timer placed in the engine block, is facilitated setting the exposure parameters with pre-set programs and modified by the end user. The device is remotely piloted in complete safety for the operator via remote radio waves. Further security is provided by the system exclusive thermoswitch that blocks the emission RX in the event of failure of the timer. This equipment will be supplied in the wall, stand, fixed to the floor, ceiling and application of unit.

* In Russia market has the following commercial name: Evolution X 3000 2C/1