Opera 2D: perfection in two dimensions

Opera 2D: perfection in two dimensions

Available in different colors


The OPERA family begins with OPERA 2D: thanks to its clean and ergonomic design, OPERA 2D perfectly fits into your workspace and offers high-level technological development for the acquisition of clear 2D images:

  • Exposure time of 14.3s for children and 15s for adults
  • DC high frequency generator
  • 150 x 7mm Active Area
  • 15 x 30cm HD images
  • 0.5mm focal spot
  • Sensor CMOS

OPERA 2D is available in two versions:

  • The standard configuration, not Upgradable, which remains original in its PAN functions;
  • The Upgradable version, which is adapted to allow the evolution to 3D and/or CEPH models.

Technical specifications for Opera 2D:

Sensor Type CMOS
Height 15 cm
Image format 15cm x 30cm
Exposure time 14,3/15,0 sec (Child/Adult, Standard PAN)
Dynamic range 14 Bit

Adult panoramic
Child panoramic
Bitewing (optional)
TMJ closed/open mouth
Sectorial panoramic
• Emi Panoramic R
• Emi Panoramic L
• Low dose Pan (optional)
• Ortho panoramic (optional)
• Incisors
• Bitewing R – Bitewing L – Bitewing r + L (optional)
Patient selection : Adult/child, 3 size for all modalities

X ray generator

Generator type High frequency DC
Focal spot 0,5 mm
Total filtration > 2,5 mm Aleq @ 70 kV)
Leakage radiation

Weight 95Kg

Dimensions (HxWxD) 2230mm x 1720mm x 1070mm