Opera 2D ceph: double sensor, single shot DR

Opera 2D ceph: double sensor, single shot DR

Available in different colors


Starting from OPERA 2D unit, the entry-level of OPERA Family, we added a CEPH arm and a flat-panel detector to obtain 24 x 30 cm high resolution cephalometric images in lonly 200ms, using the exclusive single shot DR technology.

Single shot DR technology

While other units use a scanning system with an exposure time of 15 seconds, OPERA 2D CEPH, reduces significantly the exposure time without affecting the quality of the image (taking a single shot in just 200ms). The Single Shot DR System prevents the complications deriving from movement when obtaining images by scanning.

Flat panel detector for ceph images

Moving the sensors from one type of examination to another, could cause possible damages: for this reason, OPERA 2D CEPH uses a second image detection, a DR technology based flat panel with immediate digital radiology included. The System adapts completely automatically to the selected function.

Technical specifications for opera 2d ceph:

Sensor Type CMOS
Height 15 cm
Image format 15cm x 30cm
Exposure time 14,3/15,0 sec (Child/Adult, Standard PAN)
Dynamic range 14 Bit

Adult panoramic
Child panoramic
Bitewing (optional)
TMJ closed/open mouth
Sectorial panoramic
• Emi Panoramic R
• Emi Panoramic L
• Low dose Pan (optional)
• Ortho panoramic (optional)
• Incisors
• Bitewing R – Bitewing L – Bitewing r + L (optional)
Patient selection : Adult/child, 3 size for all modalities
Sensor Type DIGITAL FLAT PANEL DR Amorphous Silicon
Image Format 24cm x 30cm maximum
Exposure type Single shot DR
Acquisition time Immediate
Setting and exposure time 200ms-500ms
Carpus projection

X ray generator

Generator type High frequency DC
Focal spot 0,5 mm
Total filtration > 2,5 mm Aleq @ 70 kV)
Leakage radiation According to IEC 60601-2-63
Anodic voltage 61 ÷ 85 kV, step 3 kV
Anodic current 4 ÷ 10mA 9 steps
POWER requirement 230V, 10A, single phase, (50/60Hz)
Weight 120 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2290mm x 910mm x1070mm