DIGISMILE, your fast, accurate and smart 3D intraoral scanner

DIGISMILE, your fast, accurate and smart 3D intraoral scanner


  • full arch upper and lower scans + bite within a few minutes.
  • One of the lightest, smallest and most compact 3D intraoral scanners on the market.
  • 2-in-1 device: 3D scanner and HD intraoral camera.
  • Plug and play.
  • Single-hand scanning
  • Small scanner tips, small body easy access to posterior areas.
  • Automatic scan retracing.
  • No subscriptions required.
  • Completely Open System “STL FREE”.

Why take a digital impression with DIGISMILE?

From Doctor side

  • Accurate impression
  • Real-time scanning
  • Perfect fit of the crown
  • Benefits of the digital workflow for the user
  • Reduction of sitting and operating times
  • Reduction of manual errors
  • No need for impression materials or towel for the patient
  • Savings on logistics costs

From Patient side

  • More comfortable experience
  • High degree of satisfaction
  • Powderless scanning prevents discomfort
  • No repeated impressions

Why take a digital impression with DIGISMILE?

  • Light and practical: light as a turbine, practical as a pen: being so lightweight makes DIGISMILE easy to hold and use for extended periods of time.
  • Portable: small and handy, easy to install and store, convenient to bring it and use it in different consulting rooms of clinic.
  • Simple and elegant: with its silver gray color and its unique shape, it looks trendy, simple and elegant.
  • Ergonomic: compact pen-style, streamlined and ergonomic design: DIGISMILE easily adapts to different scan techniques and even the most sensitive patients find it comfortable.
  • Stable base: a single, strong, solid, stable base. On cabinet and drawer unit surfaces or directly on the dental unit module, the handpiece is always housed in a safe, ergonomic position.
  • Powderless: powder-free scanning guarantees a simplified process and an improved patient experience in the clinic
  • Plug and play: just plug DIGISMILE and start scanning: it has only one button that is used to start and stop while taking an intraoral scan.
  • Intelligent scan: self-developed scanning software will integrate rich data processing functions to obtain high[1]quality digital impressions. DIGISMILE is surprisingly quick to find its place again once the scan is paused and then resumed again.
  • Quick real time scanning/realistic color: real-time and integrated realistic color scanning, highly detailed images, clear margin line, easy to distinguish the flab and sclerous tissues, ensuring an optimal interpretation of the site of interest. The scanned image is realistic and the color rendering really impressive.
  • Faster: moves smoothly while scanning or collecting data. No need to focus from specific distance or specific angle.
  • Easy-to-use: users can operate and complete the scanning process without touching the PC by just moving the scanner to give commands:this increases ease of use of DIGISMILE and promotes infection control in a clinical setting.
  • Automatic calibration: this function assures always an accuracy and color calibration without the need of do it manually, avoiding operator’s errors and waste of timeand promotes infection control in a clinical setting.
  • Precise and accurate: trueness, precision and accuracy are some of the strenghts of DIGISMILE; tests and clinical evidences have demostrated that, using DIGISMILE facilitates proper diagnosis, growth assessment, outcome evaluation, and 3D printing applications
  • Automatic scan retracing: this very important function allows users to revisit previously scanned sections to rescan missing areas, fill in holes and smoothly align data.
  • Large depth of field: 15mm large depth of field for Multiangle scanning without dead ends, to keep the data intact.
  • Small and autoclavable scanner tips: small size of the head is apply to different opening degree of mouth. The scanner can be cold sterilized with wipes. Long life narrow heads for easy reach to posteriors. Scanning head can be detached and disinfected, easy to replaced and used. Scanner’s tips could be sterilized at high temperature in order to protect cross infection.
  • Anti-fog function by built-in heater: anti-fog function by built-in heater provides a complete protection for a one[1]time collection of data by maintaining the temperature of the scanner to prevent it from fogging, so making tips immediately ready for use.

3D intraoral scanner + HD intraoral camera

DIGISMILE is 2-in-1 device: along with 3D Scan function it could also be used as intraoral camera to take HD pictures. You can share images with a lab and use them when consulting patients.
USB 3.0: the USB 3.0 port allows connection both workstation and notebook.

Perfect combination of software and hardware: using DIGISMILE and its accompanying software is a pleasant experience. It is easy to understand for all users, and it is simple to incorporate the system into your practice or lab.

Euclide software suite (no subscriptions required)

Get started with Euclide Software Suite through the user friendly interface. Intuitive and essential, Euclide software guides the user all the way to scan validation in just a few clicks, providing a smooth user experience for chairside dentistry or in a dentist-laboratory partnership. The entire procedure is extremely easy and follows a simple step-by-step progression. Euclide software has a range of applications which includes: restorations, orthodontics, implant-bone restorantions.


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